Legends got back to the center point area where the story starts

In old times there were Harbingers – the makers of all life on a specific anonymous planet, who abandoned curios, advancements and an exceptional kind of energy – Eco. Numerous years after the fact, settlements seemed possessed by humanoid animals with long ears (inside the structure of history they are called individuals, so don’t be shocked that I will call them comparably later on), and simply in one of these settlements – the town of Send over, our legends: Jack, whom you saw prior, is a 15-year-old quiet youth in every one of the customs of Connection, and his closest companion is Dexter, a chatty and wicked youngster, in any event, irritating at certain places.

They are monitored by the old sage of the green Eco Seimos

He safeguarded and taught the kids, stringently restricting them to cross the lines of the hazy island neighboring their town. Be that as it may, confidants not troubled with an exceptional mind, as we recall, disregarded this preclusion, because of which, because of a mishap, Dexter fell into a tank with a similar dull eco and turned into a hybrid weasels and you are dry – lasdroy. In the first outsell, framed from the word’s otter – otter, and weasel – weasel. In any case, individuals acquainted with the establishment could hear the name “grow up”, currently framed from an ermine rather than weasel.

This is because of a lot more prominent melodiousness of such a name for a Russian-talking individual. Nonetheless, I could do without to make this sort of outlandish alters to crafted by Devious Canine, subsequently I will utilize a more legitimate name inside the blog. To take care of this fleece issue, our legends return to Seimos. He obviously shows his disappointment with this arrangement of things, while not passing up on the amazing chance to ridicule the legend in a difficult situation. Thus, he guides them to the sage of the dim Eco – Gol. What’s more, it is from this second that the excursion starts, during which the legends investigate an enormous world, rout perilous foes and get to know new characters.

Of the significant legends coming up next are quite important

Kira is the old flame of the hero, who assumes the part of a specialist, like the sister of one marsupial creature from another Underhanded Canine game series. Sages eco , who are the vital figures of the plot, as well as Gola and Mayo – the antagonists of this story, who, with the assistance of dull eco and on account of the energy of the sages, expect to control the old machine of the harbingers, with the assistance of which, thus, they try to run over the world . Be that as it may, the lowlifes didn’t consider one little subtlety in that frame of mind of the principal characters.

Jack and Dexter liberated the sages and with their assistance had the option to make a concentrated light eco. Yet, not all things are so straightforward: it is the light eco that can return Dexter to his previous appearance, as a result of which he faces a critical decision: to turn into the previous, damning the world to oppression, or to overcome malicious in the individual of the dull savvy, staying in the pretense of a lasdra for the rest of his life . Furthermore, obviously, the legend can’t do in any case – he becomes himself, and the lowlifes assume control over the world. End.

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